value proposition

we stepped back and rethought the connection between technology and business strategy and created a unique value proposition.



Increase of complexity calls for advanced work methods.

Compass is a service to solve complex challenges through collaboration and open dialog that will lead to the effective use of data.

Compass is based on design thinking, a proven and repeatable problem-solving approach, that we use to achieve extraordinary results.

Create simplifying models as an essential tool to examine complex problems.



Use prototyping to explore solutions.

Diver is a data science service to enable extracting knowledge from data and providing insights using cutting edge analytics.

Divers ask the right questions, find the right data, use the right methods, to create and deliver value.

Diver applies methods from various fields like social science, statistics, information and computer science.


enterprise data platform

Ocean is our enterprise data platform to unify and explore all your data in one place.

Ocean provides all the capabilities for ingesting, storing and processing your real-time and low-latency data at massive scale.

Ocean enables you to explore and interact with data in fast cycles using advanced analytical methods.

Ocean is modular. You can evolve or scale out according to your needs. Get what you use and add what you need.

how it works

Great technology is only effective when built for a purpose

You have to understand the problem before you can solve it.

Starting with a deep dive to understand the complex problem space. Effective search for beneficial insights requires you to go deep.

We will explore many ideas, then select the best to fast prototype. The prototype will make your ideas "real enough to feel" so you can get feedback from stakeholders.

Ocean deployed, your organization to work efficiently and effectively with data. All necessary extensions are at your disposal.

As ocean is an open platform, you may build or add your own capabilities. You will explore your data doing discovery and then productionize your algorithms


Empowered for the information age

Faster time-to-market

Don't reinvent the wheel. We provide you with the full technology stack and there is everything you need. Start now!

No upfront investment

Lower the impact on your Budget.

Build for the future

Each era has its technology. Use technologies of digital natives.

No data silos

Ocean is a transversal, data platform across the organization providing real time control, gain deeper insights and make better decisions.


Get what you use and add what you need.

Build on experience

The big data ecosystem is a very noisy place. You will work with a partner who has a track record.

Continuous innovation

We build on shoulders of giants and embrace the open source community.

values we share with you

Show gratitude and practice humility

Choose positivity and give a smile

Seek first to understand, then to be understood

Take time and reflect

Default to transparency

Focus on self-improvement, better yourself everyday

Foster a vital customer relationship

Stay humble, be tenacious

dive masters

Build on experience

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